NPOA Releases Findings From PrintOwner Subscriber Survey

Activity and Subscriber Ratings - As many NPOA members know, the association conducted a detailed survey during the month of August to update the association's records for the popular PrintOwners Listserv. The primary purpose of the survey was to clean-up the list and verify whether or not email addresses that had been carried for years were still active and/or whether the subscribers were even in business.

As most subscribers know, the PrintOwners list has proven itself during the past 10+ years to be an extremely valuable forum and resource for information about our industry. Post a question about a new product or ask a software related question, and it's likely you will receive six to ten answers, often within the next hour.

In our continuing effort to update the PrintOwners database and make sure it is serving the industry as intended, NPOA took the opportunity when it conducted its survey in August 2015 to ask a series of three key questions regarding the perceived value of the list, levels of activity and whether or not subscribers were members of NPOA. The tables below represent the responses from 388 companies.  

Looking at the entire database, including both members and non-members of NPOA, approximately 72% of the subscribers rate the listserv as either "Extremely Valuable" or "Very Valuable." As to "Activity" on the list, we never actually defined that term, choosing instead to ask: "How would you characterize your use of the listserv?" Nonetheless, we are inclined to believe that most survey participants, in contrast with just reading posts, considered actual "posting" or "posts" to the list as it related to their level of activity. As you can see from the table above, almost 42% of all survey respondents considered themselves to be either "very active" or "active" posters to the list. Interestingly enough, almost 10% of all subscribers described themselves as "lurkers," meaning that they rarely if ever post, and may or may not check the list on a regular basis. Technically, one could check the list on a daily basis, but still consider themselves as a "lurker."

NPOA Members vs. Non-Members -  The two tables above simply compare the activity levels of respondents and ratings of the value of the PrintOwners Listserv by these two groups. As you can see, NPOA members tended to indicate they are generally more active (analyzing Very Active and Active rates) on the PrintOwners list than non members, and appeared to rate the value of the listserv significantly higher (84% to 59%) than non-members. There also appears to be approximately 50% more "Inactive/Lurkers" among non-NPOA members than among NPOA members. 

Activity Levels vs. Value of the PrintOwners List - The two tables above are the result of a special extraction where we compared responses of participants who indicated they were "very active" or "active" and compared their level of satisfaction, as expressed when we asked them to measure the "value of the list," against self-described "Lurkers." Most likely due to a variety of reasons, those firms who indicated they were either very active or active on the PrintOwners Listserv indicated by a wide margin (91% to 35%) that they considered the listserv to be either "Extremely" or "Very" valuable resource. Although certainly not a linear relationship, there is every indication, at least in terms of the PrintOwners listserv, that the those owners who are most active on the list tend to place the greatest value on the information they obtain from the list. Whether the information that is gleaned from the list is always put into practice is an entirely different issue.

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