Welcoming Five New Association Members

NPOA Welcomes New Members...

Five Printers Join NPOA in October

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BindRite Introduces

NPOA Associate Member BindRite
Features Made-in-America Products 

The global landscape for purchasing printing equipment and supplies has been changing dramatically in recent months, as low cost countries are experiencing inflation and labor cost increases, and that has given the BindRite Dealer's Association (an NPOA Associate member) impetus for introducing its "Made in America" strategy, according to Albert (Al) Boese, Executive Director, BindRite Dealers Association. 

Doing business in these formerly cost effective locations has always been more complex with unit volume expectations, quality variations, supply chain issues including; travel time, dock strikes and other inconveniences, but cost was attractive." Now," notes Boese, "vendors to the printing industry are rethinking their options and sources of manufactured products. Many are either continuing or expanding their US manufacturing operations or moving back to America altogether."

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Results of PrintOwners List Survey Released

PrintOwners List Survey Results

NPOA Completes Members-Only Survey

NPOA has just released the results of a "Members-Only" survey conducted earlier this month regarding the PrintOwners Listserv. The survey deals with issues such as listserv activity, whether non-NPOA members should be charged a subscription fee, and if so, what members suggest that fee might be!

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NPOA Boston Roadshow

NPOA First Regional Road Show
Comes to New England!

NPOA brings the popular topic of wide format directly to its members with an education seminar by Skip Grant of Grant Graphics. Skip was a highly rated speaker at the 2015 Conference in Orlando. He will present his session "Print, Cut and Make Money!" in the morning and moderate a panel of successful printers experienced in wide format sales and production in the afternoon.

NPOA is partnering with Mimaki, a manufacturer of wide format equipment to hold the one day seminar and panel presentation at the Mimaki offices in Newton MA on Friday, November 13 from 10 am to 4 pm. Registration is $49 for members and $75 for non members and will include the seminar and lunch, plus a Happy Hour that evening at the Newton Marriott.

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Hayzlett Webinar Video Now Available

An NPOA Members-Only Benefit

Jeffrey Hayzlett Webinar Released
"Think Big, Bigger - Be Relentless"

An hour-long Webinar video by popular business celebrity and maverick marketer Jeffrey Hayzlett is now available for NPOA Members Only. To view the webinar, go to NPOA Webinars. You will have to enter your user name and password to view this and other videos.

AccuZIP Awards Harley Sportster to NPOA Member

Grand Prize - Harley Davidson Signed by Jay Leno

AccuZIP Brings Out Smiles at Graph Expo
With Award of Harley Sportster to NPOA Member 

NPOA Member Bob MacIntosh, owner of Zoom Printing, Long Island, NY, was the lucky "Grand Prize" winner in a drawing held by long-time NPOA Associate Member AccuZIP. Click here to read the full story.

A High-Energy Webinar

A high-energy webinar you don't want to miss...

"Think Big, Bigger: Be Relentless!"
By Global Maverick Marketer Jeffrey Hayzlett
September 18, 2015, 11:00 A.M. EST


Jeffrey Hayzlett has been called a lot of things; most of them good. From Global Business Celebrity to Maverick Marketer, his bold, brash style makes a big first impression.

He’s a cowboy – literally. Jeffrey hails from South Dakota, and even far from his ranch, you’ll still find him in his signature cowboy boots. But hang on—because all that cowboy bravado is not without a point. Jeffrey is a business and marketing expert who saddles up to drive top companies on the path to change and growth. He asks the tough questions and gets up in their business: from people to process, marketing to social media, public relations to mobile marketing—Jeffrey knows what it takes to drive success.

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NPOA Welcomes CPRINT as Associate Member

NPOA Welcomes Newest Associate Member

 CPrint Founder Tom Crouser Joins NPOA

Tom Crouser, a long-time business consultant, speaker, consultant, and founder of CPrint International, has joined NPOA's ranks as the association's latest associate member.

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NPOA Releases More Survey Findings

 Association Releases More Survey Data

NPOA Releases Findings From
PrintOwner Subscriber Survey

MEMBERS ONLY - NPOA Members can view and read the latest findings from a survey conducted by the association in August 2015. The survey results are quite revealing and report on both the activity levels and satisfaction levels as expressed by both NPOA members subscribers as well as subscribers who are not members of the association. Click here to view charts and read a brief analysis. (You must sign-in with your user name and password to view this report.)

NPOA Welcomes Member from United Kingdom

 NPOA Welcomes Simon King
Our Newest Member from the UK

Simon King, managing director of Blackfriars Contracts, Ltd., Plymouth, UK, is NPOA's newest "International" member. "Blackfriars began 36 years ago and I still enjoy what I do," says King.

Blackfriars is a commercial printing firm, and employs a staff of 9 in a 9,000 square foot building. According to King, Blackfriars uses a variety of equipment to meet the needs of their customers, including: A Ricoh 7100 with the "Extra Color" feature, Ricoh 5110, Sharp 6240, Konica 1050, Ricoh 2200, Kip 3000, HP 6200, and a HP 6100.

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NPOA Launches New Pricing Survey


This is your chance to receive the printing industry's most popular study absolutely FREE! - There's only one catch - In order to receive your FREE copy of the 100+ page 2015-2016 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study you have to complete and submit your survey by Sept. 30, 2015. It's as simple as that! This year's survey is shorter than ever, and we've modified the rules for participation in order to make it easier than ever for you to get your free copy. Go Here to visit our special Pricing Survey Page. This year's survey and final study is being sponsored by:

PrintOwner List Update Efforts Continue

NPOA Continues Outreach Efforts
To PrintOwner Listserv Subscribers

NPOA is continuing its efforts to update and confirm the size and location of subscribers to the PrintOwners Listserv. The listserv is by far the most popular and active listserv in the printing industry, and has been in existence since late 1997. Over time, the number of subscribers has grown from a few dozen printers to almost 700. Unfortunately, while it has always been very easy to join the list, it hasn't always been as easy to keep it up-to-date, especially as members moved on or closed their businesses.. We know the PO list contains a fair amount of "deadwood" and "inactive" subscribers but we just don't know how many.

That's where you can help - Whether or not you are a member of NPOA, if you are currently a subscriber to the PrintOwners Listserv we are asking every reader (unless you have already responded to our previous requests) to take our six-question survey:  Firms failing to respond to our survey by Sept. 3, 2015 risk being suspended from the list. See note at the bottom of this article. 

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Key Suppliers Sponsor New Pricing Study

 Suppliers to Sponsor Next Pricing Study...

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Industry Leaders vs Laggards

One Hour to Greater Profits...

Benchmarking Study Reveals How
Winners Remain Winners in Industry!

By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPOA   

In 1983 I was fortunate enough to work with industry guru Larry Hunt and fellow printer Abe Corton (since deceased) on the industry's first attempt to gather information and publish financial data that would help fellow printers improve their profitability. We worked to produce a document that would really analyze the nuts and bolts of how some printers were extremely profitable year after year, while others struggled just to survive. Those were the boom days for many, so much so that I remember addressing audiences and telling them that the financial opportunities in our industry were so good, that "you had to be really stupid to fail," and I followed up that remark by saying, "but some folks proved it could be done if they worked hard enough!"

For many years, the studies were referred to as Operating Ratio Studies. Beginning In 2010, the name of the studies was changed to Financial Benchmarking Studies in the hope that the change in name would better clarify what they were all about. No such luck! To be honest, when I first got involved in the industry in the late 1970's I didn't know what an "operating ratio" or "benchmarking ratio" was all about, and I was too embarrassed to ask! It wasn't until I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Larry Hunt that I had an opportunity learn about key ratios and I learned that it really wasn't as complicated as some would have you believe. So I started helping Larry gather the numbers and the key ratios required in our industry. Larry was the numbers guy and I just plugged the numbers into a spreadsheet program called Visicalc, which was the forerunner of today's Excel.

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NPOA Releases Membership Profile Data

NPOA Appeals to Large Cross Section in Industry

Recent Analysis of Membership Data by NPOA
Reveals Interesting Statistics on Sales & SPE

A recent analysis of data extracted from NPOA membership records reveals that our membership represent a broad spectrum of the industry, both in terms of annual sales and sales per employee data. While the average annual sales of NPOA members is currently $1.5 million, the median is almost half that at $850,000. Based on the data depicted below, we can make some generalized statements as to annual sales of our members:

    • Approximately 20% of our members report annual sales of $499,999 and below.
    • Approximately 50% of our membership reports annual sales of $999,999 or below.
    • Approximately 26% of our membership reports annual sales between $1-1.9 million.
    • Approximately 18% of our membership reports annual sales of $2 million or greater                                                                                               

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NPOA Member Helps Launch Links Page

NPOA Launches New Links Page
For Signs & Wide Format Industry

NPOA Member Rob Roberston, owner of the Printing Department, Inc., Richmond, VA. has helped the association launch a brand new, members-only page providing useful resources, links and commentary for association members involved in the signs and wide format segment of our industry. Assisting Robertson with the project were Signs & Wide Format Sign Committee members Barry Martin (Copy Quik, Hagerstown, MD), Dennis Trump, (Trump Direct, Decatur, IL), and John Henry, (Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Oswego, NY).

NPOA needs your help and support to make this new page grow and be helpful to other members. If you're in the signs and wide format industry, and you have found dealers and suppliers who have been very helpful (or maybe not so helpful) then let us know.. Drop us an email at [email protected] and share your own links and comments. "This page can help both newcomers and old-timers in the sign industry, but we need to give it a life of its own by constantly updating and revising the page," notes Robertson. "Please, if you have some special vendors you'd like to share, or some comments about where you have found the best dealswhen it comes to this end of the industry please contact me either at the above address, or my own address at: [email protected].

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NPOA Launches New Pricing Study

NPOA Seeking Pricing Study Volunteers

Help Your Association Draft New
New Industry Pricing Study Questionnaire

NPOA is seeking 18-25 association members willing to assist in developing the next survey questionnaire for the 2015-2016 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Survey. We plan to distribute the survey in mid-late August and publish the final study in Oct. 2015.

The Pricing Survey, as it has in the past, will cover some or all of the following:
  • Pre-press and graphics services
  • Digital color copying data and pricing
  • Digital BW printing prices
  • 1-C Offset Printing
  • 2-color Offset Printing
  • Basic Bindery Services
The challenge, which is greater than ever, is to try and shorten the survey while targeting the most popular items and services facing most shops these days. We may be forced to trim back on bindery services but will rely on the committee for their advice.
How much of your time do we need? We need individuals who will (1) download and print-out the attached Pricing Survey PDF, (2) read it carefully, and (3) then be willing to suggest what can or should be cut, and what might be added. (4) We need folks who are just as willing to suggest deletions and cuts as they are to suggest new products to price. (5) If, after reviewing the last questionnaire, you think that it is pretty good and only needs minor changes we welcome that as well.
We need folks who understand that these surveys are designed to uncover first and foremost current pricing for specific products.... not the processes or machines used to produce the products. We do not have time or space to analyze how these products are run or what equipment is used. We are solely interested in retail & discounted selling prices for specific products. We need folks who understand the difference between "Wouldn't it be nice to know...." vs. "we must know..."
I will create a master distribution list, gather the comments as they come in, and then redistribute to the committee. As time goes by, I will begin to forward drafts of the survey as it is developed.
How to volunteer? Simply drop me a private email at [email protected] with Pricing Study Committee in the subject line. The link below will take you to a page where you will find a PDF of the last Pricing Study Questionnaire for your review.
Time is of the essence since we always move with a "Sense of Urgency" on projects such as this so we need to hear from you ASAP if you are willing to help.
John Stewart, Executive Director, NPOA

Printware Offers Free Installation

Exclusive offer to NPOA members...

Printware Offers Free On-Site Installation
Of iJet 4-Color Inkjet Envelope Press 

Printware Offers NPOA Members Free, on-site installation and training anywhere in the continental U.S. plus a spare print head ($2,000 total value) - courtesy of the Memjet expert Printware iJetColor Team.  For additional information click on the link above, or contact Bill Frederick, Director of Sales, Printware, St. Paul, MN. 1-800-456-1400 ext. 418.


New NPOA Benefits Page

New NPOA Benefits Page

Recently, NPOA received a call from a prospective member who politely complained that it was difficult, especially for a non-member visiting the site, to at least view some of the many benefits available from the association.

We agreed with the caller, and immediately began working on a benefits page. The page is a work in process. It does not provide direct links, since most of those links are for members only, but it does illustrate what and where to find special special benefits and publications.

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New Members Only Report

NPOA Releases Executive Summary
Of New Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study

NPOA has just released a 40-page Executive Summary of its latest industry research project - the 2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study. The Executive Summary is available for NPOA members only.

To download your copy, visit the NPOA main page and then select MEMBERSHIP > MEMBERS ONLY. Although the Executive Summary is not meant to be a substitute for the entire 100+ page study, it nonetheless provides an excellent overview of pricing practices and trends in the signs and wide format industry. The complete 100+ page study was released last week and distributed to more than 200 companies who participated in the original survey and submitted their survey forms by the published deadlines. More than 40 companies who pre-ordered the study have also received their links as well. To purchase the complete study, visit the NPOA Bookstore.