Discounts on Xerox Printers

Purchasing a Xerox Printer?
If so, remember you can now save 10-15% at the final configuration level when purchasing Xerox
Digital Color or Monochrome Printers. This offer is available only to NPOA members. Simply mention your NPOA membership to your Xerox Representative.

BLOG - NPOA Newest Members

NPOA Membership Reaches 344!

We want to welcome some of our newest members. Be sure to visit our Newest Member item on the main menu of our site. As printers join the association, they are added almost automatically to our Membership Map as well. Once again, you'll find that map on our Main Menu.

BLOG- 2014 Vendor Showcase

2014 Owners Conference Features Vendor Showcase
Vendors and suppliers interested in participating at NPOA's Vendor Showcase, Feb. 28, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL can click here for further information about the conference and opportunities for vendors.

Equipment Exchange Now Members Only

 NPOA Equipment Price Exchange Data Moves to "Members Only" Section of Site

Please note that the listings provided under NPOA's Equipment Price Exchange have moved to the "members only" portion of our site. We strongly encourage all NPOA members to continue to provide us with product and pricing information on equipment they have purchased in the past six months. By sharing this type of information, you are doing your part as a member of the growing NPOA community. Thank you.            

NPOA Member Discusses 3D Printing

NPOA Member Offers Analysis of 3D Printing...

NPOA member Dennis Sookikian, owner of UBuildABook, LLC explores 3D printing and provides his analysis and forecast.  click here

Bindery Study Executive Summary

Executive Summary of NPOA's 2013-2014
Bindery Services Pricing Study Now Available

If you participated in NPOA's recent Bindery Services Pricing Survey you should by now have received notice that the study is available for download. To verify whether you are on the list of qualified participants, you can check the official participant list HERE. However, even if you did not find the time to participate, as a NPOA member you are still entitled to a FREE 24-page summary of the complete report. To download your copy simply click here

Wages Appear Stagnant Notes Study

Industry Wages Appear Stagnant

NPOA Offers Preview of New Wage Study

With the expected release of NPOA’s 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Study less than three weeks away, we can already offer a preview of what this new study will reveal. 

Of the 19 key positions covered in this study, wages have either dropped or remained stagnant for 13 of these positions when compared to the wages reported in early 2012. With an overall “margin of error” of less than 1%, the drop or stagnation in wages is not a “fluke” or a reflection of differences in data bases, but rather a clear indication that, for whatever reason, owners have chosen to freeze wages during the past 26 months.

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Sales Per Employee Trending? [Unpublished]

Another Member's Only Benefit from NPOA...

Sales Per Employee is a Popular
Metric for Measuring Productivity

If you haven't had a chance to download your "Executive Summary" of NPOA's 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Study do it today. The "Executive Summary" offers far more than just a teaser look at the full study. The summary is 42-pages in length and gives a good insight regarding trends in wages and benefits. One of the more interesting graphs in both the complete study as well as the summary, is a chart dealing with Sales Per Employee. This a popular metric that allow you to compare your firm's productivity against others. To calculate, simply divide gross annual sales by the total number of employees used to produce those sales - that would include all owners, partners and spouses whether they receive a paycheck or not. You should calculate your SPE at least every couple of months, and projecting two-months of sales out 12 months. Approximately 62% of all respondents to this recent survey reported SPEs of $130,000.

Great Holiday Gift Idea Blog [Unpublished]


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NPOA Launches New Pricing Study [Unpublished]

NPOA Seeking Pricing Study Volunteers

Help Your Association Draft New
New Industry Pricing Study Questionnaire

Don't Miss "Early Bird" Deadline for NPOA Conference [Unpublished]

Don't Miss "Early Bird" Registration Deadline

For 2015 NPOA Owners Conference

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