Kate Dunn to Speak at 2018 Conference

Director of the InfoTrends Business Development Group, Kate Dunn, has officially committed to a spot as a speaker during NPOA’s 2018 Owners Conference in February. Dunn brings buckets of wisdom from years of experience in the industry, so much so that we’ve asked her to speak not once, but twice. Her topics include:

Think You Don’t Have Time to Market Your Business? Think Again!
According to the 2017 Small Business Marketing Trends Report, almost half of small business owners handle their company’s marketing. In too many cases that means marketing efforts are sporadic or non-existent, leading to slow sales and lost opportunities. Find out how to build a marketing plan that you can actually execute, track what’s happening, and use the results to continually improve results.
The Best Practices of High Performance Sales Organizations
Learn the results of a 2017 InfoTrends study that uncovered what printing businesses of all sizes are doing that keeps them from building a growing business and the best practices used by small and large companies who are growing by double digits.


Dunn understands the print world from nearly all sides, which helps her develop key strategies for small and large businesses alike. She uses her decades of experience to marry sales and marketing tactics to define and achieve business goals. Dunn’s results-oriented attitude ultimately increases revenue by means of assessing business risks and opportunities, and building actionable sales and marketing plans.

Don’t miss an opportunity to listen to this award-winning leader reveal expert industry advice on cross-channel marketing, strategy, lead-generation activity, and sales training programs.


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