PrintOwner List Update Efforts Continue

NPOA Continues Outreach Efforts
To PrintOwner Listserv Subscribers

NPOA is continuing its efforts to update and confirm the size and location of subscribers to the PrintOwners Listserv. The listserv is by far the most popular and active listserv in the printing industry, and has been in existence since late 1997. Over time, the number of subscribers has grown from a few dozen printers to almost 700. Unfortunately, while it has always been very easy to join the list, it hasn't always been as easy to keep it up-to-date, especially as members moved on or closed their businesses.. We know the PO list contains a fair amount of "deadwood" and "inactive" subscribers but we just don't know how many.

That's where you can help - Whether or not you are a member of NPOA, if you are currently a subscriber to the PrintOwners Listserv we are asking every reader (unless you have already responded to our previous requests) to take our six-question survey:  Firms failing to respond to our survey by Sept. 3, 2015 risk being suspended from the list. See note at the bottom of this article. 

Although the survey asks for basic information such as owner's name, company name and full mailing address, it also asks a couple of related questions. The results below are based upon approximately 350 subscribers who have already completed our survey. 


 After September 3, 2015, PrintOwner Listserv subscribers who fail to provide the necessary survey information will be temporarily dropped from the list, but may resubscribe almost instantly using a new form we will be providing. The reality of "dropping subscribers" is really not as harsh as it may sound since we may in fact be dropping folks who have not been active subscribers in years, but simply failed to use the unsubscribe features provided by the listserv - Plain and simple, we just need to clean up the PO Listserv!

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