NPOA Releases Membership Profile Data

NPOA Appeals to Large Cross Section in Industry

Recent Analysis of Membership Data by NPOA
Reveals Interesting Statistics on Sales & SPE

A recent analysis of data extracted from NPOA membership records reveals that our membership represent a broad spectrum of the industry, both in terms of annual sales and sales per employee data. While the average annual sales of NPOA members is currently $1.5 million, the median is almost half that at $850,000. Based on the data depicted below, we can make some generalized statements as to annual sales of our members:

    • Approximately 20% of our members report annual sales of $499,999 and below.
    • Approximately 50% of our membership reports annual sales of $999,999 or below.
    • Approximately 26% of our membership reports annual sales between $1-1.9 million.
    • Approximately 18% of our membership reports annual sales of $2 million or greater                                                                                               

Interpreting the Data Above - The green bar indicates that 36.3% of NPOA members reported their annual sales falling between $500,000 and $999,999. Read all other bar data in a similar fashion.

 The reason for the significant gap between the average (mean) and the median is the simple fact that NPOA, in addition to serving many smaller firms, has also attracted to its ranks a significant number of firms with sales in the $2-4 million sales range, as well as a smaller number of firms reporting annual sales of $5-15 million. Contrary to what some outsiders may think, NPOA appears to appeal to many owners ranging from very small firms to very large ones!

The chart above should be read/interpreted similarly to the previous chart. As an example, the yellow bar indicates that 30.9% of the NPOA membership reported their sales per employee to be between $100,000 and $125,000. Another 23% reported their SPE to be between $125,001 and $150,000. Note too that 26% of our database reported an SPE of $150,000 or greater.

NPOA SPE Data by Quartiles - After calculating the sales per employee of member firms, we then ranked the SPE data from low to high and divided the data into four even quartiles, and then calculated the average sales per employee for each quartile. The data as charted below is self-explanatory. While approximately 25% of NPOA membership reports an average SPE of $183,152, the bottom quartile struggles with productivity when measured by SPE.


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