New Webinar - How To Stop Buyers Choosing On Price


FREE WEBINAR PROGRAM - Jan. 13, 2015, 1 p.m. (EST)
"How To Stop Buyers Choosing On Price"
By Matthew Parker, President, Profitable Print Relations

Sometimes it feels like every conversation is about price. That’s all buyers seem to be interested in.  They won’t talk about anything else.  They don’t want to hear about your company heritage, your quality levels or your web to print software.

But do you really have to be the lowest price to win? There is another way. There are a number of printers out there at the moment who are selling print and making good profits. These printers have (1) Clients who will go out of their way to work with them and (2) Clients who are even prepared to pay extra. Click Here to Sign-up for this webinar. ATTENDANCE for this webinar is limited to 95 enrollees!

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those printers? Wouldn’t you like to break the cycle and stop ending up in price battles again and again? Then be sure to register here for this informative, 45-minute Webinar. Plus, a special offer for NPOA Members Only - a free report title, "Seven strategies to increase profit margins by over 12%."






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