Please Check Your Email Addresses

Please Don't Delete NPOA Emails
Or Place Them in a Spam Folder!

NPOA is constantly striving to improve communications with members. We know checking for all the newest NPOA "member benefits" on our web site is not necessarily a top priority for many members and we understand that.

However, there are times we need to contact you directly in order to let you know of new members-only benefits, such as special reports, surveys and new services like NPOA Platinum - our new "members-only" search engine we've developed for checking the PrintOwners List archives for specific posts on specific topics.

Unfortunately, many of the email addresses provided are so general in nature that they often go to art departments or customer service individuals who may not recognize NPOA as your trade association, and thus a lot of important emails we send you end up being deleted or placed in a spam folder! We are very careful to avoid inundating you with emails, but sometimes that is the best method we have available. So please do us a favor and go directly to the NPOA Profile Page, sign-in using your username and password, and then go to My Profile > Edit Profile and provide us with the most direct email address you can provide. IMPORTANT - If you have signed up for our RSS feed on our web site we encourage you to subscribe again if there is a better email address to which our feeds should be sent. Thank you.


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