Profitability of Brokering

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NPOA Offers Special Breakout
On Profitability of Brokered Work

Although the size of the extraction is smaller than we would have liked, NPOA was recently asked to prepare a special extraction comparing the profitability and key ratios of firms that tend to broker substantially more than the industry average of 16-17% of total sales. The new breakout demonstrates the disparity in profitability among companies that tend to broker significant amounts of their work to others.

Using an initial search criteria of firms that brokered 25% or more of their sales to others, we uncovered 30 companies that met that criteria. Working with this data, we then sorted the companies by profitability and extracted the top-third and the bottom third for purposes of comparing key ratios. NPOA members can click here to both view the full report as well as download the PDF of this special ratio analysis. 

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