Benchmarking Study Testimonials Pour In!

Just-Released NPOA Benchmark Study
Receives High Praise from Participants

Although the new 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study has been out less than two weeks, it is already receiving high praise from those who participated. Copies of the study were mailed to all participants on May 12-13, 2014. If you have not yet received your copy we ask you to be patient and wait at least until June 5, 2014 before contacting us. NPOA decided to provide all participants with a printed copy as opposed to a PDF because of the enhanced value we believe the former provides. Unfortunately, we also have to rely on the USPS for delivery of these studies. We ask for your patience.

For those who did not participate,
maybe the comments shown below will encourage you to purchase your own copy of this valuable document. The Benchmarking Study retails for $225, but NPOA members can purchase this study for Only $135 - reflecting a 40% discount for members.

The study can be purchased through the NPOA Bookstore. Now for some of the testimonials we've received... (New testimonials added weekly) Be sure to click the Read More button below to read some of the testimonials we have received. Thanks to Ricoh-USA for their sponsorship of this study.

“Awesome as expected. Thanks very much.”Bill Werkheiser,SE Printech, Glennville, GA

“No where else can we get such invaluable accurate info to help us understand our strengths, weaknesses and howe we stack up compared to others with similar businesses.” Jace Prejean, Bayou Printing & Graphics, Houma, LA

“The personalization of the study adds a unique value to the report.”  Bill Harden, Accel Printing & Graphics, Mount Kisco, NY

“Thanks for putting my shop’s figures next to the others. That lets me see how I am doing from a very different angle.” Juliann Jacoby, Blacksmith Printing & Copy, Wolfesboro, NH

"Every print shop owner should take the time to participate to get this study. The value is incredible." Mike Geygan, Minuteman Press, Lebanon, OH

"Just showing this personalized report to my banker got me the line of credit approval I was waiting for!" Paula Fargo, Curry Printing, Baltimore, MD

"The personalized report gave me more solid financial answers in 15 minutes than I get in hours pouring over my financials. Thanks!" Mark Rowley, ImagePro Printing & Copying, Cedar City, UT

"We found it was valuable to compare our company with other companies and profit leaders. Overall, we are doing pretty good." Caitlin Sullivan, Furbush-Roberts Printing, Bangor, ME

"This type of information is extremely valuable as a management tool for so many reasons. Great job!!" Skip Novakovich, Esprit Graphic Communications, Kennewick, WA

"An excellent tool for seeing how you are doing in comparison with your competition. Also shows where you need improvement. Well worth the effort and the cost." Sam Gromowsky, Almar Printing, Kansas City, MO

"Once again, a valuable survey that helps us operate more profitable organizations. It is a report card!" Jerry Mechell, Swifty Solutions, Arlington, TX

Check back in a couple of weeks for more testimonials!
Go to our NPOA Bookstore to order your copy today!



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