Larry Hunt Newsletters

Larry Hunt Newsletters Prove Valuable

Larry Hunt Newsletters -2"Many of us have touted the value of Larry Hunt's various newsletters for years," notes NPOA President Jace Prejean. "Larry saved me enough money on one purchase to subscribe to all of these newsletters for a lifetime." Prejean adds. (Download Sample PDFs Here)

"Since then," adds Prejean, "Dirck has saved me that much more many times over. I would never buy a color, b/w or wide-format printer without first getting his opinion. Plus, if you are a subscriber, he will review your proposals personally and tell you where it's strong and where it's weak."

"Trade associations, including NPOA have negotiated member discounts from various vendors, but there's always a better deal to be made. For those who don't know this, often times sales people won't come out and tell you that," Prejean notes with sarcasm. "You won't get a better deal unless you ask, and once you get a better deal you should keep on trying to get a better one. That's money coming directly off, or added directly to, your bottom line," Prejean adds.

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