Sales Per Employee Trending? [Unpublished]

Another Member's Only Benefit from NPOA...

Sales Per Employee is a Popular
Metric for Measuring Productivity

If you haven't had a chance to download your "Executive Summary" of NPOA's 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Study do it today. The "Executive Summary" offers far more than just a teaser look at the full study. The summary is 42-pages in length and gives a good insight regarding trends in wages and benefits. One of the more interesting graphs in both the complete study as well as the summary, is a chart dealing with Sales Per Employee. This a popular metric that allow you to compare your firm's productivity against others. To calculate, simply divide gross annual sales by the total number of employees used to produce those sales - that would include all owners, partners and spouses whether they receive a paycheck or not. You should calculate your SPE at least every couple of months, and projecting two-months of sales out 12 months. Approximately 62% of all respondents to this recent survey reported SPEs of $130,000.

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