NPOA Welcomes Member from Southern Africa

NPOA Welcomes First Print It
From Lesotho - Southern Africa

Things are back to normal after aborted military Coup - "I hope all is well with you. You might have probably heard that there was a military coup in Lesotho. It was, however aborted, and all is back to normal now, We were not operating for some days," according to one of NPOA's newest International Members, Bethuel Thai, owner of First Print It, Maseru, Lesotho, Southern Africa. NPOA wants to welcome Bethuel to our association. Bethuel sent us a picture of his staff -  "In the picture it is myself seated and the rest of the staff, although two were not present." You can also write Bethuel at [email protected]

About First Print It - "First Print It started in 2012 after realizing that all commercial printing services in Lesotho, including printing for the government, is done outside the country, especially in the Republic of South Africa. The idea was to capture that market in all sectors, including digital and web offset printing. There is also intention to grow and include pad and screen printing as these are scarce services in Lesotho at the moment. We currently have put up new digital and wide format machines (and) are are looking for equipment for the other departments. We also do a little bid some sublimations," notes Bethuel.

Demand for Printing Exceeds Capacity - "It was a humble start for us due to the fact that it is not easy to access good equipment in our area, especially new or good used, and most of the time we have to opt for very old used equipment. It therefore took us time for the business to pick up. However, currently the business is improving and we are intending to equip our finishing department so that we can complete all our printing service in house; these would include; binding, stitching, scoring, punching, cutting, lamination etc. We are also in the process of acquiring a small newspaper press to print for the local community newspapers and pamphlets, the service which is completely not available in Lesotho at the moment. The business is more than we had expected and now the demand is more than our capacity, especially in the finishing side."

Access to Used Equipment - "We hope our membership to NPOA will also give us access to a wide range of members who have some good used equipment they would like to replace at a reasonable price as the move to the next technology." Best regards, Bethuel Thai
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