Pricing Study Volunteers for the 2015-2016 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study 



Dear Fellow Printers, 
NPOA is seeking 18-25 NPOA members willing assist in developing the next survey questionnaire for the 2015-2016 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Survey. We plan to distribute the survey in mid-late August and publish the final study in Oct. 2015.  
The pricing survey, as it has in the past, will cover some or all of the following: 
        • Pre-press and graphics services
        • Digital color copying data and pricing
        • Digital BW printing prices
        • 1-C Offset Printing
        • 2-color Offset Printing
        • Basic Bindery Services
The challenge, which is greater than ever, is to try and shorten the survey while targeting the most popular items and services facing most shops these days. We may be forced to trim back on bindery services but will rely on the committee for their advice. 
How much of your time do we need? We need individuals who will (1) download and print-out the attached Pricing Survey PDF, (2) read it carefully, and (3) then be willing to suggest what can or should be cut, and what might be added. (4) We need folks who are just as willing to suggest deletions and cuts as they are to suggest new products to price. (5) If, after reviewing the last questionnaire, you think that it is pretty good and only needs minor changes, we welcome that as well. 
We need folks who understand that these surveys are designed to uncover first and foremost current pricing for specific products, not the processes or machines used. We do not have time or space to analyze how these products are run or what equipment is used. We are solely interested in selling prices for specific products. We need folks who understand the difference between "wouldn't it be nice to know" vs. "we must know." 
I will create a master distribution list, gather the comments as they come in, and then redistribute to the committee. As time goes by, I will begin to forward drafts of the survey as it is developed.  
How to volunteer? Simply drop me a private email at [email protected] with "Pricing Study Committee" in the subject line. The link below will take you to a page where you will find a PDF of the last Pricing Study Questionnaire for your review.


For the Pricing Study Committee:

Click here to download PDF of the 2012-2013 Pricing Study Questionnaire

Send your comments, suggestions and questions to:

[email protected]