NPOA 2016 Annual Owners Conference Committee

(Left to right, Bob Stor, Charlene Sims and Dave Hutlin)

Relying on the expertise of printers to understand what fellow printers want to learn, the NPOA board of directors appointed two long-time printers to chair the 2016 annual Owners Conference, San Antonio, TX in April 2016.

Charlene Sims is the owner of The Master’s Press in Dallas, TX. Charlene started her business in 1976 at the age of 25 and has loved it with a passion ever since. Her love of the machines and serving her customers with excellence has help to grow and maintain the business. She has done everything in the shop through the years until the digital age, when her employees are determined to keep her off of the computers.

“I love conferences and the opportunity to learn from every single person I talk to. I never know what I will hear and learn; it makes it exciting to see what I can come home with and apply to my business.” – Charlene Sims

Bob Stor is the President and COO of Copycats in New York City. Started as a small retail shop, Copycats grew by adding additional retail locations. He later changed the focus of the company to serve non-profit institutions and small-to-medium sized businesses from a location inside a Manhattan office building. Bob takes great pride that his staff of 13 has an average tenure of close to twelve years.

“Attending the NPOA conferences re-energizes me. I am exposed to new viewpoints from the speakers, and I get to spend time with people who understand my concerns and the business choices that I have to navigate daily." – Bob Stor

Rounding out the committee is vendor member, Dave Hultin, president of Marketing Ideas For Printers, helping printers sell more printing through websites, direct mail marketing, email marketing, and social media. Dave's career in print started in 1992 at Express Press in Fargo, ND, the award-winning printing firm created by industry legend Mike Stevens. He has made it his mission to help printers by using technology to build relationships between printers and print buyers.

"Attending the NPOA conferences allows us to connect with others that 'get' printing and marketing. There’s so much value in sharing our common experiences in an environment that allows information and ideas to flow!" – Dave Hultin

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