The first-ever Signs & Wide Format Pricing Survey!

NPOA Launches First-Ever Survey Of
Pricing in the Signs & Wide Format Industry!

NPOA is proud to launch a brand new survey designed to help small to medium size companies currently providing sign and wide format services get a better handle on pricing practices! Every firm that submits a completed survey by the April 3, 2015 Deadline will receive a complete copy of the final study.
This survey is not meant to tackle every aspect or product in the sign industry, but rather it seeks to concentrate on the the basics in the sign industry.

We estimate this survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete. Don't miss out on receiving what promises to be a premier pricing study on signs and wide format.

The process for receiving your FREE copy is simple. First, click here or the link below to download the PDF worksheet. Once completed, you will then go to our survey site where you will re-enter your prices into our online electronic survey form. You will receive your FREE study within 45 days after the deadline.

Signs and Wide Format Pricing Topics Covered
Below are a few of the services and products covered in this brand new survey:

      • Primary & Secondary Printers & Rips, plus ratings
      • Plotters, Cutters and Laminators used
      • Laminating Prices
      • Square-foot pricing for more than 15 distinct substrates
      • Sample Banner Pricing
      • Pricing for Foam Core, Coroplast, Aluminum and Magnetic Signs
      • Decal Pricing for square and contour cuts
      • Vehicle Decals and Window Perfs
      • Installation & Travel Charges

This study will retail for at least $195, but it can be yours absolutely FREE if you complete and return the survey by the April 3, 2015 deadline.

How to Participate and Receive Your Free Study:

Click below to download PDF Sign Survey Worksheet

The instructions for participating are quite simple. The survey questionnaire is much shorter than many of our surveys published in the past.

   1. Begin by clicking the link above or the picture to the left to download the worksheet. The PDF worksheet is 9-pages, but don't let that intimidate you, since we have used larger type and cleaner formatting.

   2. Once you've downloaded and printed the worksheet, complete it offline at your leisure, remembering of course that the deadline for submission is March 31, 2015. We have conducted significant pre-testing and we estimate the worksheet should take between 30-50 minutes to complete, maybe even faster!

   3. Last step! Once the worksheet is completed, you will go to ( where you will actually re-enter your data. We have tested this method, and we believe it should take less than 10 minutes to re-enter your worksheet data. 

Remember to print out a copy of your worksheet for your own records.
We provide clear instructions on printing out a copy at the end of the online survey. Thank you.

PUBLISHER NOTES: Since the survey was first released, we have made two minor changes in questions for clarification purposes. Part 2, Question #5 asks you to provide prices (Retail and Discounted) on a per-square-foot basis. For those who use sliding scales for this type of pricing, we have specified that these laminating jobs would involve a total of 12 square feet. A similar change has been made for the listing of substrates in Part 3, Question #1 where we ask you to provide per-square-foot pricing on jobs that would involve a total of 24 square feet.( i.e. one 2' x 12' banner, two 3' x 4' wall graphics, or four 2' x 3' posters on Foamcore white 3/16")


Although we strongly discourage it, it is possible for survey participants to bypass completing the worksheet and go instead directly to our online survey. However, we have tested this thoroughly and we believe it is actually faster and more accurate to complete (at your leisure) the worksheet, and then visit the actual online survey, as opposed to going directly to the survey itself,
In the event you wish to go directly to the survey simply click here. or