This year's Pricing Survey & Study sponsored by...


To participate in the industry's most popular survey, and to receive a FREE Copy of the completed 100+ page study, you will follow a simple, two-step process:

      1. FIRST, downloading a worksheet that you and/or your manager will use to enter your prices;
      2. SECOND, return to this site or visit the NPOA home page, where you will follow a link to re-enter your prices from your worksheet to our official survey form. 
Please note that while the PDF Worksheet is 13 pages in length when printed out, its size is based on making the survey as readable and easy-to-complete. There are actually fewer questions in this year's survey than in the last six years!

Once you have completed the worksheet (you may take several days to complete the worksheet), you can proceed directly to the link provided at the end of the worksheet, or you can return here and click on the link below which will take you to our official survey site where you will re-enter your entries from your worksheet.

Every firm that submits a survey form (after first having completed the worksheet) and submits it by the Sept. 25, 2015 Deadline (NEW DEADLINE DATE - SEPT. 30TH) will receive a FREE copy of the entire 100+ page study, not simply an Executive Summary.

We have modified the rules this year to make participation in this survey as easy as possible. You do not have to answer every question or every section. If you do not offer the service or product in the quantities specified then simply leave blank. We want as broad and as large a participation level as possible, and we don't want owners getting discouraged because they feel there are just too many questions to answer. Do the best you can, answer those questions you can and leave the rest blank. We will require, however, that at least 30% of the survey be completed in order to qualify for your FREE copy.

Remember too that most of the questions on the survey worksheet can readily be delegated or assigned to a trusted manager or CSR. Just make sure that you stress the importance of the published deadline.

Once again, NPOA would like to extend its gratitude to our sponsors for making this survey and the final study possible.