Check-Out our Conference Highlights Video Below

Below is a brief 9-minute video of all nine major speakers at the 2014 NPOA Owners Conference held Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. All of our speakers received very high reviews and ratings by attendees. NPOA members can access the handouts supplied by these speakers via logging-in to the Members-Only portion of our website.

NPOA plans to begin releasing videos from the conference within the next week or so. Since each requires minor editing, they will most likely be released in pairs as the editing is finished. We will notify members either through posts on the PrintOwners List Serv as well as special email notices to members. Thanks to those who attended this highly successful conference and we hope to see all of you at next year's conference. 

One Attendee Speaks Out...

"I remember sitting through Larry Hunt’s presentations before, back in the day, and being interested but not excited. This presentation, however, knocked my socks off: 'Poor management…Guess what? It’s YOU' (as John said, at the 2 minute mark in the video).

"As I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat, I realized that from way back in the day to the present day, I haven’t changed my management style. Larry made me think about how many days have gone by where I have chosen to let my staff lead themselves rather than lead them. Now, not a month post conference, each day I come in and lead, really lead. In their faces, leading by example. You can’t get that type of motivation from any self-help webinar. You need to have Larry Hunt or someone of his caliber staring you down, early in the morning, forcing you to think. 

"There is no value that can be put on personal attendance at the conferences. I hope that if you couldn’t come, you do enjoy the videos and take a lot from them. But by no means think that you can get inspired to the level that I did by sitting in your office watching them.

"Get thyself to the next NPOA conference, get inspired, and watch the way you motivate and lead your team change. These speakers were all phenomenal, each one gave something to me completely different. Each one made a great impact on me.

"I have ten pennies in my pocket every day. If you want to know why, watch the videos. If you want to really know why, come to the next NPOA conference and I’ll share with you how it personally changed my business and personal life. Yeah, it was that great. Profound professional and personal growth."  

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