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Be sure to visit our Member Benefits Page to get a good overview of some of the services we provide. NPOA is the fastest growing non-profit trade association serving the printing industry. While some associations are facing stagnant or declining memberships, NPOA has grown from 19 original members in late December 2012 to almost 300 members. Our association was founded "by printers for printers." Click here to read the rest of the story, or you can go directly to our membership page and join NPOA today! Interested about our membership and who they are and where they come from? Check here to view a list of our newest members.

Todd Nuckols Educational Webinars

Join us for the NPOA Educational Series of webinars designed to help bring your printing business to the next level. We have scheduled the following sessions with industry expert Todd Nuckols.

NPOA Members, click here to learn more.

 2018 Offset and Digital Printing Pricing Study Now Available!

To view an Executive Summary of the 2018 Offset and Digital Printing Pricing Study, click here. To purchase a copy of the full report, visit the NPOA bookstore.

NPOA Releases PrintOwners List Subscriber Stats

NPOA continues to monitor and update our popular PrintOwners Listserv. We've got some interesting statistics to report.

As of Dec. 31, 2015, there were 441 active members. These subscribers posted approximately 17,400 posts. Go here for interesting stats on the PrintOwners List. Approximately 57% of subscribers are NPOA members, while the remainder are not.

What to do if you find yourself suddenly dropped or unsubscribed? - Send an email to [email protected] or visit the PrintOwners List Information Page. Click here to unsubscribe from an email address, change an email address, or add an additional email address.